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Initiative Principals and Chair

The South Carolina K-12 School Technology Initiative is comprised of representatives from the SC Department of Administration, SC Department of Education, SC Education Oversight Committee, SC Educational Television, SC State Library and private sector representatives AT&T and the SC Telecommunications and Broadband Association.

Information on the individual K-12 School Technology Initiative principals and the committee chairperson is included below.

Initiative Principals and Chair

Keith Osman

Committee Chairperson
Keith Osman, Director, Division of Technology Operations

Marcia Adams SC Department of Administration 
Marcia Adams, Executive Director
Molly Spearman SC Department of Education 
Molly Spearman, State Superintendent of Education
Matthew Ferguson SC Education Oversight Committee
Matthew Ferguson, Executive Director
Anthony Padgett SC Educational Television
Anthony Padgett, President and Chief Executive Officer
Leesa Aiken SC State Library
Leesa Aiken, Director
Pamela Lackey AT&T
Pamela Lackey, State President, AT&T South Carolina
Nola Armstrong SC Telecommunications and Broadband Association
Nola Armstrong, Executive Director






South Carolina K-12 School Technology Initiative

4430 Broad River Road

Columbia, SC 29210