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Profile of the South Carolina Graduate

The ultimate goal of the South Carolina K-12 School Technology Initiative is to help produce graduates who are supplied with the necessary skills to excel in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.

To help ensure our schools are successful in this endeavor, a framework was developed by the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness which drew upon the knowledge, skills and personal attributes identified by employers and business leaders as being critical to the future success of the state’s workforce. This framework, known as the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, seeks to align the state’s education system with these identified traits.

The Profile of the South Carolina Graduate identifies three broad sets of attributes, as well as several specific related elements, that render the state’s workforce competitive in the global marketplace. These attributes include the following: 

  • World class knowledge;
  • World class skills; and
  • Life and career characteristics.

This profile has been adopted as a model by a number of key state entities, including the SC Department of Education, the SC Education Oversight Committee and a variety of public school districts throughout South Carolina. The partners that make up the K-12 School Technology Initiative likewise view this model as an excellent portrait of the graduate of the state’s K-12 education system, which is served by the digital learning content and data communication infrastructure provided and enabled by the Initiative’s efforts. Such efforts include the areas of network infrastructure, connectivity, and security, highquality digital learning content for students, professional development and curriculum support for educators, and communications and collaboration opportunities linking learners, educators, parents and the broader community.

It is the firm belief of the K-12 School Technology Initiative that the support its partners provide to South Carolina’s education community plays a critical role in allowing the state to produce graduates who fit this ambitious profile of career readiness and competitiveness.

For additional information on the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, please visit the SC Council on Competitiveness' website.

Profile of the South Carolina Graduate: Wold Class Knowledge, World Class Skills, Life and Career Characteristics

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