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State Master Contracts and Form 470s

The SC K-12 School Technology Initiative is pleased to be able to provide a variety of information regarding State Master Contracts and Form 470s. This information can be accessed by visiting the links provided below.

State Replacement Contract Guidance

The Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) understands state procurement timelines do not always follow those of the strict E-Rate filing windows. As a result, we can use State Replacement Contracts (SRC) to bridge the gap to ensure the products and services you purchase from State Master Contracts are E-Rate eligible.

The process to file a State Replacement Contract is fairly simple; however, strict instructions must be followed in order to ensure E-Rate Eligibility. Please note, the following guidance only pertains to State Master Contracts listed on the K-12 State Master Contracts List that are highlighted in blue (SRC_A) and pink (SRC_B). For your convenience, they are listed below.

  • Local Service (SCR_B)
  • Long Distance (SRC_A)
  • Aerohive (SRC_B)
  • Hewlett Packard (SRC_A)
  • EMC (SRC_A)
  • Hitachi Data Systems (SRC_A)
  • NetApp (SRC_A)
  • Oracle Software (SRC_B)
  • Symantec Security Products (SRC_B)
  • Microsoft Enrollment (SRC_B)
  • Citrix Software (SRC_A)

There are two scenarios that indicate what type of State Replacement Contract you should use.

  1. Scenario A guidance is used for a contract that will be awarded by July 1 and serve the applicant for the entire funding year.
  2. Scenario B guidance is used for a contract that may be awarded sometime after July 1 and will cover services for a portion of the funding year. Two Funding Request Numbers (FRN) are created when using Scenario B; the first FRN will correspond to the expiring contract, and the second FRN will correspond to services under the new state master contract.

Determine if the State Replacement Contract should be filed under Scenario A (SRC_A) or Scenario B (SRC_B) and follow the corresponding guidance to create the contract, reference the contract in your Form 471, and update the SRC with the updated contract information.

  1. Create the SRC in EPC. For Scenario A and B use the K-12 State Master Contracts List to create a State Replacement Contract in EPC.
  2. Create the FRNs in your Form 471. In Scenario A, you will create one FRN for products and services for the entire funding year (July 1 – June 30). In Scenario B, you will create two FRNs; the first for products and services under the current (expiring contract) and the second FRN for the new (SRC) contract.
    For example, the current Microsoft Enrollment contract (Contract No. 4400006148) expires Dec. 30, 2017. The first FRN will correspond to the services under this contract from July 1, 2017, to Dec. 30, 2017. The second FRN will correspond to services under the State Replacement Contract (SRC440006148) from Dec. 31, 2017, to June 30, 2018.
  3. The State posts the Form 470. We have already posted all necessary Form 470s, so no action is required here.
  4. Update the SRC when the state master contract has been awarded. The SRC is essentially a placeholder contract. Once the state awards the contract, applicants will need to file a Receipt Acknowledgement Letter (RAL) and SPIN Change (if applicable) to update the SRC or placeholder contract with the official contract information. As soon as the state makes awards, I will update the K-12 State Master Contracts List with the corrected information and forward to all Consortium members with additional guidance.

To download USAC’s guidance on creating State Replacement Contracts, please click here.

Additional Information

For additional State Master Contracts and Form 470s information, please contact the following:

  • Andrew Epting
    State E-Rate Coordinator
    South Carolina E-Rate Consortium
    Phone: 803-896-5908 
    4430 Broad River Rd. – Columbia, SC 29210